From Ranchland to Luxury Retreat: A Brief History of Brasada Ranch

Nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, Brasada Ranch is truly a unique destination. The resort has transformed from a working ranch into a premier luxury retreat, offering an escape into the natural beauty and serenity of the high desert. The history of Brasada Ranch is a captivating journey that spans over a century. The culmination is the creation of a world-class destination that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern luxury.


The story of Brasada Ranch begins in the late 1800s when the land was first settled as part of a vast cattle ranching operation. In those days, the area was primarily used for grazing cattle and raising horses. The rugged landscape, with its sweeping vistas and rolling hills, made it an ideal location for ranching.

In the mid-20th century, the Powell family took over the ranch. They continued its legacy as a working cattle ranch. For decades, the Powells upheld the ranch’s traditions while maintaining the stunning natural beauty of the land.

Evolving to Modern Day

In the early 2000s, a group of individuals saw the potential to transform the ranch into a luxury resort that would showcase the beauty of Central Oregon. Their dream was to create a place where guests could experience the best of the high desert. Of course, they also envisioned that these guests would be able to enjoy world-class amenities and accommodations.

The transformation of the ranch into Brasada Ranch began in earnest in the mid-2000s. Developers worked diligently to preserve the natural environment. They incorporated sustainable design principles into the resort’s development. This commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship remains a core part of Brasada Ranch’s identity.

Grand Opening

Brasada Ranch officially opened its doors to guests in 2007, offering an array of luxurious accommodations, including cabins, suites, and custom-built homes. Many people are drawn to the resort thanks to a stunning golf course designed by golf legends Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy. Furthermore, the resort boasts a world-class equestrian center, a spa, multiple dining options, and an expansive outdoor pool, among other amenities.

Throughout its development, Brasada Ranch has made a concerted effort to honor the area’s rich heritage. The resort’s design and architecture draw inspiration from the region’s ranching history, paying homage to the cowboys and settlers who once called this land home.

The Resort Today

Today, Brasada Ranch stands as a premier destination in Central Oregon, known for its unparalleled luxury and natural beauty. Guests can enjoy a wide range of activities, from golfing and horseback riding to hiking and spa treatments. The resort’s commitment to sustainability and conservation continues to be a guiding principle, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the pristine beauty of the high desert.

In Conclusion

The history of Brasada Ranch is a testament to the transformative power of vision and dedication. What was once a working cattle ranch has evolved into a world-class luxury resort that showcases the best of Central Oregon’s natural beauty and hospitality. Brasada Ranch’s journey from ranchland to luxury retreat is a remarkable story of preservation, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the high desert’s unique charm.